Every year ball players eagerly await the new release of Anderson bats. From the Rocketech to the Techzilla and hardworking K-Series, each new year brings greater technology and pop to the new line of bats. But of all the Anderson bats, no new release is as anticipated as the new Anderson Nanotek.

The Nanotek bat is the absolute best Anderson has to offer, whether you’re looking at fastpitch, slowpitch, Adult baseball, or youth baseball bats, the Nanotek lineup is the cream of the crop. Last year Anderson expanded their Nanotek lineup to include the smash hit Nanotek XP in both a -10 and -12 drop weight-approved for little league play where all composite bats were recently banned.

This year will bring another addition to the Nanotek family: Anderson will now offer the Nanotek Coach Pitch bat, and two sizes of the Nanotek Fastpitch bat (both the established -10 drop weight and the lighter -12). With these additions, Anderson bat will have nine different models of the Nanotek bat. No matter what game you play, and in any league, the Nanotek is hands down best bat money can buy.

Another great improvement to the Nanotek line is a new technology in handle design. Rather than just one alloy handle and barrel, the new Nanotek bats will all have a composite handle coupled with an alloy barrel. This technology will provide the bat more strength upon impact, and will keep the nice pop that players love from an all alloy bat.

Even with this new composite handle, all Anderson Nanoteks – from the Nanotek Coach Pitch baseball bat all the way up to the Nanotek XS Adult baseball bat, Nanotek Fastpitch Bats, and Nanotek Slowpitch bats-will include the same launch pad alloy barrel that players count on. This technology is the bedrock of the Nanotek bat performance.

All nine models of the Anderson Nanotek will include this new composite handle, and players are eagerly awaiting their release. Knowing the anticipation, Anderson always releases their next year’s model a little in advance, and this year is no different. The new 2012 Anderson Nanotek bats will be available this October. This timing will give players the chance to check them out and swing them around a little before adding them to their holiday wish lists.

Anderson Bat Company has always been ahead of the curve with developing baseball and softball bats, and this is why they are the most trusted and sought after bat manufacturer. And now, with the new bats being added to the Anderson family, no matter what gave you play Anderson Bat Company will have a Nanotek model for you.

Source by Ryan M Davis

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